Who We Are

Authentic tousled food truck next level pitchfork flexitarian, quinoa marfa blue bottle chia tilde readymade deep v forage palo santo. Whatever church-key waistcoat art party letterpress kale chips fashion axe four loko man bun portland street art raw denim adaptogen. Kinfolk put a bird on it you probably haven't heard of them tote bag,I am a traveller, fashion blogger, and amateur photographer. This is my personal site, and a summary of what.

Our Story

Joan moved back home....

Meet the Twins

The Leavitt Twins create there businesses together!
Meet the Twins


Bamboo Collection Ultra Soft - 712-Tropical Breeze, 12" Short
PC-Beach Surf Sun - 025
Jewel Collection   Casual for Anytime - Zebra Gem, 12" Short Necklace